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Learn how to shade with Eni Oken's ebooks • enioken.com

Adente & friends in color

Continuing my color studies, here is a tile featuring tangle Adente, Narwal, Tri-roda, Aquafleur and something I don’t know the name. (If you do, let me know). The line art…

Yincut and Windfarm tangles by Eni Oken. enioken.com

Windfarm and Yincut

Continuing on the same style as started here with Zentwining and Umble, I’m tackling two new tangles for me: Windfarm by the enthusiastic Margaret Bremner and Yincut by Maria Thomas.   Step…

Learn to shade doodles, Zentangle® and ZIA at enioken.com

The Portable Shader

How do you take your art supplies when you travel and need to pack light? I use a plastic box with two compartments. enioken.com

Sketching Umble and Wrapped Ribbons - enioken.com

Umble and Zentwining

This week I became quite obsessed with drawing wrapped ribbons. I already like ribbons before, but after the Monster Aquafleur, I just wanted to wrap everything! I decided to try my hand at Umble,…

Shading Aquafleur | Enioken.com

Monster Aquafleur

Aquafleur is a challenging but very fun tangle to create and to shade.

3DTangle: Shading Fearlessly PDF Ebook by Eni Oken | enioken.com

New Shading Ebook for Beginners

Remove the fear of shading Zentangle®, ZIA and doodles with this ebook by Eni Oken. Made with love for those who want to find joy in their drawings!

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Hi there! I’m Eni Oken, a multiple times award-winning artist and author of hundreds of articles, tutorials and books in print and online. For over 30 years I’ve explored art, color theory, fantasy and ornamental design. Aside from loving my son, being a chocolate appreciator and enjoying life as a cancer survivor, my true passion is finding methods and tools on how a person can create something remarkable.

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